Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many cinematographers will be at my wedding?

A: Two or three, depending on the package you choose. All of our cinematographers are highly experienced and incredibly skilled in their craft. Having two filmmakers allows us to not only be in two places at once, but to cover multiple angles during the first look, ceremony, speeches etc.


Q: Who will be editing our films?

A: We pride ourselves on doing all our editing in house. This ensures that every film we produce lives up to the quality you expect from Hidden Light Films. Every film is personalized to custom music and crafted carefully and purposefully, capturing the unique feel of each wedding.

Every film includes colour-correction, audio-sweetening and is delivered in High Definition, all in an easily shareable digital format.


Q: Do you offer same-day edits?

A: No. While same-day edits seem to be “all the rage” these days, our experience has taught us that to craft a truly beautiful film takes time and attention to detail. Editing a film in only a few hours is not the ideal way to treat your wedding day. The film is forever, so let’s do it right.


Q: When can we expect our completed films?

A: Your wedding “highlight” film will generally be available within 12 weeks of your event, while the turnaround time for a longer documentary film is typically 6 months. We pride ourselves on timely delivery, but not at the expense of cutting corners.


Q: Our wedding will be taking place at multiple locations. Will you be able to accommodate the moving around?

A: Of course. We go where you go. We will always have at least one vehicle on site to transport us (and our gear) to wherever you will be during the day.


Q: Can we get the raw unedited footage?

A: All the raw footage from your event is available for a small fee if it is not already included in your package. Please note however that raw footage is exactly that – RAW. No editing, color correction or any other treatment has been done to the footage.


Q: How does the booking process work?

A: We have streamlined the booking process to be as simple as possible. We require a 30% deposit to reserve the date plus a simple “click to sign” online contract.


Q: Do you use lighting?

A: When done right, painting with light will greatly enhance the cinematic feel of your wedding film. When done wrong, it can be harsh and unnatural and ruin the carefully crafted atmosphere you worked so hard to create at your wedding. We use lighting sparingly and purposefully. We also film with the most light sensitive cameras in the world, which allows us to shoot in the most dimly lit receptions with more creativity.  


Q: How is the audio recorded?

A: One of the biggest challenges when filming a wedding is capturing great audio. While you may not notice when the audio is outstanding, you will certainly notice when the audio quality is lacking. We record audio in multiples ways, from multiple sources to ensure clean and crisp audio. This includes recording directly from the band or DJ’s audio board, clip-on lavalier mics, ambient mics etc.